Alejandra Agredo

Founder of Miami Riders Alliance
February 17, 2002 - November 26, 2019
U.S. Suicide Prevention Hotline
+1 (800) 273-8255
About Alejandra

Alejandra touched the lives of many in the political community in Miami. Beginning long before the founding of Riders Alliance, Alejandra was a strong advocate for transportation. The county has never, and will never see someone with as much of a drive, as much passion as our founder had.

A mobile Miami was the dream Alejandra had. Connecting everyone in the county was the ultimate goal of a years' long quest for an improvement in the declining services Miami-Dade Transit offers. In her unfortunately short life, she accomplished more than many could hope to accomplish in their lifetime. The connections Alejandra made and the impact she now leaves on those in her community will be long-lasting and change-causing.

Riders Alliance will move forward with the momentum she set in motion. Losing our guiding force has been and will be difficult; however, thanks to many generous members of the community, RA is on the right track to effect change in Miami.

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